The Wymondham Rifle Club Badge
An early picture of Wymondham Rifle Club

About Us.

We are not sure exactly when Wymondham Rifle Club was formed, but we do know that it became affiliated to the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs in 1910.

The Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs changed its name to The National Small-Bore Rifle Association in 1947 and Wymondham Rifle Club has been in affiliation to the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs then National Small-Bore Rifle Association uninterrupted to the present day, 100 years.

The club traditionally used the Strayground pits, and has also shot at Browick and Keswick, more recently it has used indoor ranges in Norwich and Wymondham.

This picture is one of the earliest from our archives. We believe it was taken at one of the pit shooting ranges mentioned above. 

We hope the photo may nudge some memories. Please get in touch if you can put names to the faces.

Also in our archives we have a picture which shows a team from Wymondham Rifle Club outside the Houses of Parliament taken when they shot against a team from the Palace of Westminster Rifle Club. The range was deep below the 'seat of Government'.

In 2010 we celebrated the 100 years of affiliation to the national bodies with an centenary shoot and re-union.

Currently the club takes part in postal competitions where individuals and teams compete against each other but from their home ranges. The rifles used are all .22 rimfire but range from historic pieces to modern devices with electronic triggers.

Over the years the club has had changing fortunes but has maintained a small but loyal membership. We are always pleased to hear from any ex members or their friends and families. We would like to be able to add to our archives with some anecdotes, pictures and mementos that will help us to maintain our history for the future.

An example of a target we shoot at 25m.


We shoot a number of disciplines. Prospective members should be aware that we actively participate & support the postal competitions administered by the Norfolk County Rifle Association and that all members are encouraged to participate in competitions.
Competitions run over a number of months and this means you would only have to shoot once a month to be able to take part in the competitions.

We use a variety of rifles, from historic Martini action to ultra modern sporting guns with telescopic sights and anything in between, but all are .22 rimfire.

New members will start with an iron sighted single shot rifle. To start, the only mandatory equipment is hearing protection, which must be worn whilst shooting and observing. Eye protection is also strongly recommended.

As you advance a sling will become necessary. Gloves, jackets and caps will all help, but are not essential. 

The targets (called cards) that we use are of two designs:

A target card is used with a single shot iron sighted rifle and requires one shot into each of the 10 targets. At 25 metres, a 1.25 millimetre  variance of the muzzle will miss the target center!

The single target card (aside) is used with any rifle, with any sights, and requires 10 shots into 1 target.

All our competitive target shooting normally takes place in a ventilated indoor range at 25 metres, but we occasionally shoot outdoors at 50 & 100 metres too.


Basic Information For Applicants

We have reopened applications for Fire Arm Certificate (FAC) holders and may consider a very small amount of inexperienced applicants.

You are welcome to contact us to enquire on our current position. We may invite you to complete an application and we will review it, but cannot guarantee being able to offer immediate membership to prospective new members.

You do not need to have a FAC or a rifle to join us but already holding a FAC or Shotgun Certificate helps. We will be able to loan you enough equipment to get started.

Please note that we only shoot .22 rimfire calibre firearms and do not have facilities to shoot airguns.

We have a high proportion of members who are qualified Range Conducting Officers and we place a high priority on safety.

We regret that we are currently unable to accept applicants from anyone under the age of 21. This is due to restrictions from our insurer.

If you are interested in joining us, please read the additional information below.

Please note that all the information provided to us is checked for accuracy. Providing inaccurate information will result in membership being permanently declined.

Want To Know More

It is very important that we verify the sincerity of prospective members. 

To this end, we've created a questionnaire for you to complete and copies of the declarations that the Home Office requires you to sign if you want to become a member. The Home Office requires all members to make a declaration regarding criminal records. All rifle clubs should apply this process to prospective members.

We must make you aware that we notify the local constabulary of your application, and will also advise them when you leave, fail to renew your membership, or fail to attend for more than 12 months.

If your completed application forms are acceptable, we will invite you to meet us. If you decide to join you will be accepted and will serve a three month probationary period.

We shoot every week through out the year and the annual fee starts at £20 plus £2 a week range fee when attending. Competition entry fees, ammunition & fees for when we visit other ranges are extra on a usage basis.

Please contact us if you wish to complete an application and we will email you the forms. Please then return them to the email address on the forms.

We are a small club with restricted facilities. In the event we are unable to offer membership we can point you to other clubs in the area who may have capacity to accommodate you.